The Entertainer 🪄

Find your next favorite movie & TV show

Get amazing suggestions from an extraordinary AI that comes up with ideas you wouldn’t imagine.


Don’t loose your time with bad entertainment… There’s so much to discover out there!


There are so many things to do, watch, read and play…

It’s overwhelming.

So we rely on old habits: word of mouth, things we already know

That’s a shame!

We’re missing so much!

No more.

Modern AI such as the Entertainer is now able to find the perfect content.

The one that you’ll never forget and recommend to your friends and family.


🎬 Find your next favorite movie

Feed the Entertainer with some films you liked, he’ll come with one you’ll love


📺 Get tailored TV show recommendations

The Entertainer will help you find your next favorite TV show!


📚 Get personalized book recommendations

The Entertainer will help you find your next great read.


🍥 Discover your next anime

The Entertainer knows them all in details!


🎮 Your next video games

The Entertainer will get to know your gaming taste and recommend the best games for you.


🛫 Find the perfect place to travel

The Entertainer will help you find the perfect place to travel based on your budget and preferences.

How it works


1.  Choose what you want to do

Movie, TV Show, Book etc.

2. (optional) Feed the Entertainer with few examples

Some movies you liked.

3. (optional) Give the Entertainer some context

e.g. “a terrible film to laugh with my drunk friends”

4. Let the magic happen

To get different results refresh the page



The Entertainer is powered by GPT-3, a machine learning model that is groundbreaking and has an unprecedented size of 175 billion parameters.


A beautiful Notion Workspace to store your content and track everything



15€ lifetime access

Unlimited suggestions forever

Get started →

Not a monthly payment, you just pay once


Do you support languages other than English?

We support all languages, however the best quality outputs are in English.

How many suggestions can I ask?

Unlimited with a fair use policy

Is there a refund policy?

Unfortunately, no.


The Entertainer