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✨ AI Tools are trained on learnings from the legendary book INSPIRED

Imagine the famous product coach Marty Cagan solving your teams problems!

Challenge a feature request…


“set up a Paypal integration so people don’t have to send there credit card or iban”

✓ 15 Tools Included


Sum up Feedbacks

Turn a large list of feedback into 5 actionnable key learnings.


Break down my Problem

Turn a problem into root cause and multiple easier sub-problems.


Challenge my Idea

Turn an idea into 10 alternate ideas that could solve the root-cause problem.

⚡ Powered by Marty Cagan’s way of brainstorming ideas


Brainstorm Buddy

Your Brainstorming Sessions 100% on Notion, from problem identification all the way to solution.

⚡ Powered by Matt Mochary’s Brainstorming Method


Pre-Mortem Buddy

Turn a project description into a Pre-Mortem session: a prediction of why the project has been a failure after his release.

⚡ Powered by research from Deborah J. Mitchell (Wharton School), Jay Russo (Cornell), Nancy Pennington (University of Colorado)


What Metric?

Find the best Key Performance Indicator for your project.

⚡ Powered by Jesse Mawhinney’s blog from Hubspot


Split my Epic / MVP Maker

Turn an epic description into a list of small, independent, and prioritized tasks organized into batches.


Product Name Buddy

Create product names from examples words


Break down my OKR

Turn an Objective into Key Results & details plan on how to reach them.

⚡ Powered by Matt Mochary’s way of building OKR


Solve my Problem

Turn a problem into creative and uncommon solutions.


Challenge my Feature Request

Turn a feature idea into 3 reasons why this idea is terrible.

⚡ Powered by Marty Cagan’s way of creating features


Assumptions Finder

Turn a project description into a list of things to test, split between Desirability, Usability and Tech assumptions.

⚡ Powered by Marty Cagan’s way of testing solutions


Experiments Generator

Turn a project description into creative and detailed tests idea like “Fake door tests”, “AB Tests”, “Usability Tests” etc.

⚡ Powered by Marty Cagan’s way of testing solutions


Write my User Story

Create the description of a User Story with test scenarios from his name.


Market my Epic

Turn an Epic description into Press Release with your target’s tone of voice

What tool should I build next?


“Since incorporating Brainstorm Buddy into our sessions, the quality and efficiency of our work have skyrocketed.”

— Alex, Creative Director at a leading advertising agency.

“My personal favorite is the Experiments Generator which has elevated our creativity to new levels. I highly recommend these tools to any product manager looking to up their game."

— Sarah K., Senior Product Manager.


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Game Changing. These tools leverage AI to transform the way we work as product managers, making it feel like we have the insights of top industry experts at our fingertips.”

— David L., Product Manager.


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