FlyingTime Analytics

Monitor your workflows with time-tracking for Notion

⏳ Spot the least efficient step of your process

⏲️ Monitor steps' average durations

⚙️ Identify bottlenecks

FlyingTime Analytics is a tutorial based on Google Apps Script and

Don’t stay in the dark!

Notion is so cool, I bet you’re using it for everything. But do you know how everything is going?

Without data, you’re blind.

Data isn’t optional, you have the right to know if your workflows work as expected.

100%* essential for

🛠️ Product & Tech teams

managing their tickets and sprints on Notion

💼  HR teams

managing their recrutements on Notion

💰 Sales teams

managing their CRM on Notion

😋 Anyone

who wants to know how long they spend on their tasks

*seriously why is it not included by default?

⚡ Live example: monitoring a Scrum board

Release your tickets 2x faster without hiring new team members 🚀

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🐌  Identify bottlenecks

See exactly which part of your workflow is the least efficient

"We figured out that half of the process was lost waiting between dependancies!"

— Scrum Master, top food tech startup

👀  Check each task’s duration

Investigate on why some tasks take more time than others


💪  Compare your teams’ performances

Spot the best players so they share their methods


☝️✌️🤟  Check how accurate your storypoints estimations are

So you can improve your estimations


🎟  Estimate precise release dates

No more guessing, you can rely on previous releases. Based on storypoints, types, status etc.

“A 2 storypoints-user story takes an average of 1,7d to be released”
“A 2 storypoints-user story takes an average of 1,7d to be released”

Fix your workflow and release your tasks 2x faster

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🛠  Tutorial Preview

Bird's eye view
  1. In Notion: prepare your database by adding a 👀 emoji on the property you want to track (e.g. "Status" → "Status 👀") and export it in CSV
  2. In Google Sheets: import the CSV into a new spreadsheet
  3. In set a new automation to log each workflow update in the spreadsheet
  4. What is
  5. In Google Sheets: add my custom Google Apps Script to the spreadsheet in order to calculate durations between each update
  6. What is Google Apps Script?
  7. In Google Data Studio: plug my template on the spreadsheet to beautifully display the data in real time
  8. What is Google Data Studio?

💳  Pricing

All by yourself



  • Full tutorial with GIF
  • Custom Google Apps Script to calculate the durations
  • Google Data Studio template to display the charts

⚠️  No support

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I do the setup for you

250€ 350€



  • Fully functional dashboard tailored for your specific needs
  • Full support

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