The Brainstormer⚡

AI that generates ideas.

Think outside the box with an extraordinary AI that comes up with ideas you wouldn’t imagine.

Let’s brainstorm → (The Brainstormer is free until Sept. 7th)

Creative teams know that quantity is the best predictor of quality.

Leigh Thompson

Let’s brainstorm → (The Brainstormer is free until Sept. 7th)

For many of us, brainstorming seems unnecessary.

We hear about a problem and our brain immediately jumps to a solution. Human nature.

But research tells us that first ideas are poor.

They are what we have in mind at the moment. Not the smartest, most original or efficient solution to a problem.

Don’t fall in love with your first idea.

With the Brainstormer, you’ll have a personal assistant that instantly generates great ideas.

For Product Managers & Designers

Create better features

Don’t rush into your first feature idea.

For Recruiters

Improve interviews

Find what to ask to a senior manager during his third round of interviews.

For Everyone

Find a good movie to watch

Feed the Brainstormer with some films you liked, he’ll come with one you’ll love

For Marketers

Write more engaging emails

Generate instantly 10 ideas for your next email title.

For Product Managers & Designers

Find names for your products

The Brainstormer is an idea that came from the Brainstormer!

For Entrepreneurs

Find business ideas

Discover new opportunities

Let’s brainstorm → (The Brainstormer is free until Sept. 7th)

How it works


1.  Choose your brainstorm

2. (optional) Feed the Brainstormer with examples

This is a great use of the first ideas that comes to mind.

3. (optional) Give the Brainstormer some context

4. Let the magic happen

To get different results refresh the page


The Brainstormer is powered by GPT-3, a machine learning model that is groundbreaking and has an unprecedented size of 175 billion parameters.



Free (until Sept. 7th)

Unlimited brainstorms until Sept 7th

Coming soon

Early Bird Pass

40€ lifetime access (few days left!)

Unlimited brainstorms forever

Coming soon

→ The Early Bird Pass is available this week only

→ Price will increase by 10€ each day until the end of the week

sept. 1st = 40€ sept. 2nd = 50€ sept. 3rd = 60€ sept. 4th = 70€ sept. 5th = 80€ sept. 6th = 90€ sept. 7th = 100€

Not a monthly payment, you just pay once


What difference with marketing tools like ? is a great AI-tool specialized in marketing copy, it uses the same GPT-3 model than the Brainstormer but it has been fed exclusively with marketing examples (e.g. Mails or Linkedin posts). For marketing only purposes I recommend to use it over the Brainstormer. (affiliate link)

Is it plagiarism?

The content that the Brainstormer generates is original content that doesn't repeat itself and passes plagiarism tests with 99.99% original content that is free and clear for publication.

Do you support languages other than English?

We support all languages, however the best quality outputs are in English.

How many brainstorms can I run?

Unlimited with a fair use policy

Is there a refund policy?

Unfortunately, no.


The Brainstormer