Everyday OS for Notion

🧭 Everyday OS for Notion

Organize Your World with a Second Brain

✓ 10x more efficient in life & work

Your Tasks, Projects, Goals, Notes & more

 Entirely in Notion


Get into the cockpit of your digital world 🧭


Productivity can be challenging.

Thousand tools

Tasks, Projects, Notes, Bookmarks…

Information scattered everywhere ...you never know where to find what you need

Notion is a game changer.

Finally a tool to rule them all!

Now you can centralize everything.

But without a strong structure, it can quickly become chaotic!


I am currently setting up my Notion and trying to configure it in the best way possible. During my search, I came across Jonathan's pre-made Notion template for sale. And let me tell you, it's a purchase that makes a lot of sense!

Olivier Courtois Co-founder of uku.wtf, ex-VP Product @comet, Product Director @ManoMano.


After years of iteration, I have finally built the perfect second brain. :)

The one that:

✔️ Boosts my motivation

✔️ Organizes my knowledge

✔️ Prioritizes my mental health.

Thousands of customers have chosen my templates 🔥

Quickest Onboarding Ever

Existing setup → Everyday OS in no time.


✓ A tool for transferring your Notes from Evernote, Notion, Apple Notes

✓ A tutorial for importing your bookmarks

✓ A step-by-step introduction into Everyday OS’ method


Included 👀

 🏠 Homepage of your Second Brain : the Cockpit

The only page you need to bookmark! It contains :

  • Links (which replace your favorite webpages & bookmarks from Chrome) on the sidebar
  • Tasks, Habits, Projects, Goals, Notes & Tags
🏃 Manage your day with Habits & Tasks
🧠 Solve your Problems with a powerful method

→ Sometimes what you have to do is perfectly clear : “Send an email to X”, “Buy some milk

→ Sometimes it is not : “Decide where to invest some money”, “Unhappy with my job, what to do?

That’s why I added in Everyday OS a framework to help you think about a decision or more generally a problem to solve

🐣 Launch your Projects without stress
📚 Store your Notes the Second Brain Way
🎯 Reach your Goals
Centralize everything with Tags

Tags are a handy way to centralize different 📝 Notes, 📂 Projects & 🎯 Goals on the same page (e.g. #HEALTH or #PRODUCTIVITY). They are also used to easily find your notes.

🌐 Collect ressources from the Internet into your Second Brain

With the Browser Extension

🧘‍♀️ Keep Zen with Weekly Diary
🧞 Learn how to be a productivity master

A lot of content to help you navigate between Tasks, Projects, Goals, Notes & more

“How to split a project into tasks”, “How to choose a goal” etc.

🎟️ Track your Movies, Books, Trips & Get amazing AI suggestions

*Notion AI ($8/m) is required for generating suggestions


Get a free sample with the Notes Management template

✓ Simplicity included


There are many second brain templates out there.

They often brag about how big they are.

My goal is the opposite: make the simplest yet powerful Second Brain.

So you can get it and be productive in no time.

No need to understand how dozens of databases are connected.

No need to be a Notion expert.

With Everyday OS’s cockpit, your productivity hub, you’ll up and running in no time.

Everyday OS’ method is inspired by:

From leading productivity expert Tiago Forte. (P.A.R.A. Method)

& Getting Things Done, Allen (GTD)

& Kanban Method.

On your iOS or Android phone

“I’ve been using Everyday OS for a while now and it’s been incredibly helpful. Totally changed my daily work process.

— Chris L., Freelancer.


Not a monthly payment, you just pay once

Everyday OS for Notion

The perfect second brain

100€ 50€ lifetime access


All-in-one dashboard

Tutorials & examples

Lifetime access to updates

Buy now →

Notion Home Pack

My personal templates in one pack

200€ 80€ lifetime access


🧭 Everyday OS for Notion (100€)

The perfect second brain

👥 Personal CRM (10€)

Take control of your personal and professional relationships.

✓ Automatic reminders to connect with friends/family/colleagues

✓ Assign different frequencies to different people

✓ Recurring birthday reminders

✓ Birthday calendar

✓ Contacts broken down by relationship type

💼 Job Tracker + CV template (10€)

Crack every interview and get your dream job!

✓ Build your Resume

✓ Manage Applications

✓ One-click Cover Letters 🤯 (with AI)

✓ Prepare Interviews

🧱 Landing Page Builder for Notion (50€)

Build sexy webpages in Notion. Without design skills. In seconds.

✓ Test ideas. Make portfolios. Prepare ProductHunt D-Day...

✓ Responsive without any effort, unlimited websites.

✓ No subscription required.

🧰 Slides Builder for Notion (30€)

Always up-to-date slides 100% in Notion ✓ Stunning presentations.

✓ +100 slides templates to start quickly.

✓ No subscription required.

Buy now →

How does Everyday OS work exactly?

After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Everyday OS template into your Notion app.

Everyday OS stores your Tasks, Notes, Projects, Goals, Habits, Entertainment and Tags in databases and displays these in beautiful dashboards.

Here's the philosophy behind it :

  1. ☑️ Tasks & 📝 Notes power your 📂 Projects.
  2. 📂 Projects allow you to reach your 🎯 Goals.
  3. #️⃣ Tags are a handy way to centralize different 📝 Notes, 📂 Projects & 🎯 Goals on the same page (e.g. #HEALTH or #PRODUCTIVITY).
  4. 🛏️ Habits and 🎬 Entertainment live by themselves.
Do I need to pay for Notion to use this?

Nope. You only need a free Notion account to start using it.

Are updates included?

Yes! I will send you by email all the new features and updates

With a tutorial to install them into your Notion Workspace

What exactly is Everyday OS?

A collection of pages and databases for Notion

Can I make changes to Everyday OS?

Yes! Everyday OS is a Notion template that belongs to you once you add it to your workspace.

Keep in mind that modifying the template may make it difficult to integrate future updates. I provide upgrade guides for all changes, but they can only be applied from a common starting point.

Why Notion as Second Brain?

It’s available on every platform you can think of, and it has super flexible layouts with tons of different components like databases, kanban boards, calendars, and more. Plus, with its filter, sort, and search functions, Notion really outshines other apps like Evernote, Asana, and Trello.


My goal: broadcast productivity best practices

by showing them to learners & helping people implement them

unofficial goal

spend more time in Notion, the best product ever 🥰

About me :)

Ex-Lead Product Manager in a large start-up, I’m now headmaster of a Product Management bootcamp in Paris, Product Consultant and Notion die-hard fan ♥️




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Everyday OS for Notion