Coolest Resume - Notion Template

Coolest Resume Notion Template

Create a one-page resume/CV directly in Notion.

✓ The Notion-style avatar generator 😊

✓ How to make a great resume

✓ Fully usable layout and styles

✓ Tips to make a pdf export that looks pretty


True story : I applied for a Product Manager position at Notion with this resume and they called me back saying "we can see that you have great design skills" ;)

Long story short, i didn't make it so I console myself by selling this template...

For cool kids only :)

Duplicate the 5€ template


I want to thank you for the resume template because it's exactly what I was looking for!


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Coolest Resume for Notion

About me :)

Ex-Lead Product Manager in a large start-up, headmaster of a Product Management bootcamp in Paris, Product Consultant and Notion die-hard fan ♥️